Naazendeh Mecklai

Naazendeh has graduated in Holistic Health and Nutrition alongwith an International certification in Clinical Diet Planning. Having done her counselling course on the Robert Carkuff's model and an advanced counselling course in Rational Emotive Behaviour Therapy developed by Dr Albert Ellis.
She believes that everyone has a right to good health through nutritious food and exercise which are very crucial for a healthy lifestyle and prevent lifestyle diseases.


  • Balanced, healthy, and sustainable life style modifications that are catered to your requirements. The place to go to get away from the craziness of yo-to dieting.

    Vidita Vaidya
  • Naazendeh not only taught me how to eat well, but also how to balance my meals without feeling too guilty. She helped me understand the importance of eating at the right times, and not to eat only when I'm hungry. Her outlook toward nutrition is more about a long term, lifestyle choice than just a quick weight loss diet that I wouldn't be able to sustain.

    Shaila Pandole
  • First and foremost I must say that Naazendeh is very meticulous and thorough. After chalking out a diet plan which suits your body type and helps you work towards your goals she monitors you closely by asking you for regular updates.
    Diets prescribed are completely natural, easy to cook as opposed to extraneous and artificial metabolism boosters. Her diets can easily be maintained over a large period of time and can eventually become a healthy and happy lifestyle.

    Shekhar and Renu Somani
    Mumbai, India
  • My eating habits were erratic due to my work schedule. Naazendeh was recommended by a friend. She guided me with gradual changes in my diet along with exercise that was easy to follow. Therapeutic waters for my metabolism were introduced. My sleeping pattern improved through the food therapy program. I have lost 13kgs and feeling and looking much better!

    Mukesh Jaitley
    Wadhwa Group - Mumbai, India
  • Naazendeh is not only a thorough professional who knows her craft, but also a warm, caring person who has your best interest at heart. She works closely with you to understand your fitness goals and skilfully guides you, working with you every step of the way. Her meal plans are simple, effective and tailored according to your lifestyle. Highly recommended!

    Bindu Agarwal
    Educator - Mumbai, India
  • I had joined Naazendeh's food Therapy Program for 3 months. In that short time she helped me understand the basics of nutrition that could help Marathon runners. She personalises plans specifically targeted towards the requirements of her client and keeps regular track of progress making adjustments & corrections along the way to suit the desired goal and lifestyle. This makes her plans simple and practicable. An essential ingredient of a successful transformation.

    Subhojit Roy
    Marathon Runner
  • I wanted to maintain my ideal weight. Always having been fond of different cuisines and exotic foods for my myself and my family, Naazendeh helped me in choosing my portion size along with the food groups so as to be able to continue enjoying my journey with food. I have maintained weight and managed to continue enjoying my love for food.

    Jyoti Vissanji
    Chocolatier - Mumbai, India


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