. Famous Dietitian & Nutritionist in Mumbai | Best Dietician in Mumbai | Online Diet Plans by Naazendeh Mecklai | Best dietician / Nutritionist Naazendeh Mecklai, having clinic at Kemps Corner and Dadar in Mumbai, India. Naazendeh helps you attain weight loss by personalised diet plans & diet counselling sessions. Naaz is a nutritional counsellor with a holistic approach, helping you to attain a long term lifestyle change. Has a global client base via online consultations. Learn how to lose belly fat, how to reduce weight naturally, how to gain weight, simple tips to gain weight in a healthy and efficient manner in a more personalised way. Register Now and begin your online weight loss & health journey with Famous Dietitian / Nutritionist in Mumbai, India. All the food therapy programs are done using natural ingredients without any pills or powders and no surgical procedures are recommended. Exercise is also included in the plan according to the individual client. Weight loss programs are done in a safe and strategic manner. Plans take care of the clients eating out in restaurants as well as travelling, religious fasting days, busy meeting days and for students through exam stress.
About Naazendeh Mecklai

Naazendeh is certified in Nutrition and Diet Planning from Gold Coast Training Academy, Australia. She has done her Counselling course on the Robert Carkuff's model and an advanced counselling course in Rational Emotive Behaviour Therapy developed by Dr Albert Ellis.

She believes that everyone has a right to good health through nutritious food and exercise which are very crucial for a healthy lifestyle and prevent lifestyle diseases.


Lifestyle management through Food Therapy and Counselling.

During initial consultation we do take a body profile and suggest the programme best suited for the client.

In case of outstation clients we mail them a questionnaire that can be filled with the required details.

Customized Diet Plans are for Weight loss, Weight gain taking into consideration the clinical conditions and client history. Customized Diet and Exercise Plans that fit into your existing lifestyle to keep you healthy.

We have special plans for children and teenagers that caters to their specific needs be it athletic or obesity issues.

Monitoring your Progress and helping you on the path of self-discovery and management:

The diet and exercise is monitored on a daily basis via a medium comfortable to the client.


Our diet plans also take care of Travel Diet plans for the business executive or for the person on leisure travel.
Eating Out plans provide the healthier options from your preferred cuisine on offer in restaurants of your choice.
The consultations are on a weekly basis and could be altered to suit the client's specific need.

Holistic Approach:

During Consultation we also provide counselling sessions to get to the root causes of your eating behaviours which may be due to emotional consequences like stress, anxiety, depression leading to unhealthy eating habits.

Our Goal:

We help clients to be eventually independent in making their healthy choices by having a mind, body and soul connect that gives them a healthier and happier life to live.


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