Food Therapy Program

We understand your clinical condition whether it is Anaemia, Thyroid, Poly Cystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS), Cardiovascular Disease (CVD), Diabetes, Arthritis, Pregnancy (Trimester wise), Lactation phase wise. Polycystic Ovary Syndrome, Pre - menstrual bloating, Menopause are handled using naturopathy as much as possible. Post Chemotherapy - alkaline diets to regain their energy.

Your macro and micro nutrients are then prescribed in your food plan accordingly. Specifically customised plans are prepared keeping in mind dietary restriction as well as the foods that must be included so as to reach your healthy parameters.

In case of acidity, constipation, slow metabolism therapeutic waters that can be made in your kitchen are included in your plan.

In case of exercise combination of anaerobic and aerobic, depending on the clinical condition, physiotherapy and intensity of exercise is recommended. We also look at your lifestyle in a holistic manner by analysing your sleep pattern, water intake and stress levels so as to be able to have a plan that takes care of your overall wellbeing.

We work alongside your medical practitioner, physical trainer, physiotherapist to get the best desired results for you in a safe and structured manner.

Weight Loss Programmes do not entail any pills, powders or products sold over the counter. We make sure that you understand your own body needs and how to look after it.

Children - Nutritional Counselling for children is undertaken by us, pre - teens being a major segment we cover who need to know the importance of eating well and right along with being comfortable with their bodies helping develop them into confident young adults.

There are no ready plans handed out, as each case is different and each person has a different lifestyle to follow. The Diet Plan is customised only for YOU.