Success Stories



Mukesh Jaitley (Age 53), Director of a Realty Firm, consulted me for a weight loss program. Mukesh being a busy professional in a demanding industry, his weight had increased. His work entailed him to travel to different sites and he would make do with whatever was available. Food was treated more as a taste factor and to get by the busy schedule that lay ahead of him.
He finally decided to take charge of his weight. Busy as he was we spoke on the phone after which our journey began. His customised diet and exercise plan took care of his onsite visits, factored in days of no exercise.
Mukesh was on the journey of listening to his body, mindfulness and learning to adapt his food in tune with his exercise.
Small changes started giving him good results week on week. His energy levels soared along with his clothing size dropping. Yes Mukesh was making waves in office; the busy professional was able to optimise his work. This was a guy that managed to lose weight and not spend hours in the gym or starve. He lost weight BUT increased his energy.
20kgs over a period of 1 year through mindfulness , a calm scientific approach gave rise to increase in his energy levels.
Extra energy encouraged Mukesh to enjoy his hobbies of sailing and flying which were taking back seat.
On woman’s day when I went to his organisation, all the people came up to me and said what an amazing transformation there was in Mukesh!
Yes he inspired his colleagues that nothing is impossible!



Jyoti had been refered to me by my client.
Hailing From Raipur,she had tried every diet possible.She was initially very wary about how her weight loss journey would pan out.She couldn’t be blamed as had been hospitalised in the past due to one of the diets she had tried of being on only banana and milk!
We understood her body profile,clinical conditions and eating habits.She was actually very conscious of what she ate however due to the yo yo effect and the extreme food deprivation lead to loss of energy and weakness.
We included complex carbohydrates,being a vegetarian saw that her intake of protein was sufficient and in a natural sustainable manner.
Her exercise was slow to moderate as being overweight she needed to take care that there would be no injury.She used to enjoy yoga and walking we went along a moderate line of exercise which she was comfortable with.
Over a period of time she was eating well without eliminating any of the food groups via a balanced diet. It was amazing to experience her shedding the kilos and gaining confidence.
Her yoga teacher no longer had to hold her to balance her ,she was more agile.
On her next cruise trip she had a new wardrobe with a new mindset to enjoy food through a balanced approach and increase in energy!


Mrs Arundhati Hundekari had come to me to get a healthier lifestyle and get her health parameters in order. She had come in with her grand daughter. So I was patient and did not expect much but was in for a huge surprise.She met me fortnightly with her dietary recall.

She was very fond of sweets and "Prasad" to the gods were made every other day. She slowly changed that to dry fruits and nuts. Previously all social outings she looked forward to were the desserts, she now ate them in moderation savoring each morsel.

Within 6 months she was able to get into her 20 year old saree blouses for Diwali. At her grand daughter’s convocation she wore the saree blouse made at the time of her daughters wedding.

Her energy levels soared and she was doing her yoga ,occasional dance class and regular walking with renewed vigour.

Her determination and discipline was an inspiration to all the people in her family and social circle.



Poorwa like any teenager wanted to get svelte on entering college.She was keen to wear clothes that would look good on a slim figure.We first needed to counsel her on not eliminating any food groups.Being a vegetarian we had to ensure Poorwa got her protein adequately.She was not fond of dal(lentil) that was cooked at home.We encouraged her to eat pulses in the way she found interesting.
Her Fiber intake via vegetables and fruit had to gradually increase.Slowly and gradually her quantity of food increased with her reliance on junk food depleting.
Once she started getting results in her fat percentage coming down .There was no turning back for Poorwa and the results were there for all to see.However she always says that the game changer has been the self confidence she has gained that has been most important to her.