Raunaq Agboatwala

Naazendeh has been a great help to me in my journey of losing weight and keeping thyroid in check.. inspite of having borderline thyroid Naaz helped me lose 6 kgs in 3 months and also got my thyroid level down without any medication. Thanks Naaz you’ve been fab!


A friendly demeanour, no weekly changes in diet and super effective results await you, if you sign up with Naazendeh. She believes that a holistic approach to health and a sustainable diet pattern is the key mantra to weight loss. Once you sign up, you get broad guidelines and are required to maintain a daily diary of what foods you consume. Nah, you don’t get a rap on your knuckles if you eat out or enjoy a few festive delights. What Naazendeh does is, she helps you to learn to identify the right foods for you to eat when you are at home, on holiday or at a restaurant. The right foods coupled with the right time to eat it based on your health and lifestyle definitely shows results. Finally, a nutritionist who understands that life doesn’t have to stop because one has to lose weight!

Shoma Narayanan Banker and Author

Had a very positive experience - Naaz’s diet plans were practical and easy to follow. In addition to losing over 5 kgs in 3 months, my cholesterol levels improved dramatically (though she doesn’t guarantee this as cholesterol is affected by genetic factors in addition to diet). Overall, am feeling a lot healthier and more energetic.

Dr. Gunjan Prakash Associate Professor (Biotechnology)

Getting to know Naazendeh was one of my best experiences. She is a true nutritionist and understands you as a person and modulates her plan as per your need. She teaches you to understand your body, your needs as per your circumstance which is the best part. She is very practical in her approach and teaches you to understand your body. She has a holistic approach for overall health rather than just weight loss. Highly recommended!

Mahesh Nebhnani Business

I have known Mrs Mecklai for a long time the knowledge, dedication coupled with her analysis not only helped me but her other clients too. It has been a pleasure in being under her guidance.
I wish her all the best in her future assignments.

Brindha Rao

Naazendeh's diet plans and info are customised, easy to follow and practical. Being a South Indian, the biggest brownie points she earned were letting me eat rice. She has made a difference to my eating patterns in the long run. I feel better and I eat more. Contrary to popular belief, it does help weight loss !!

Raju Bhagia

I started dieting plan under your guidance & monitoring when I was weighing about 87 kgs and now I have almost reached to the level of 75 kgs, losing whopping 12 kgs in just 6 months, and reduction of approx. 2 kgs per month.

I never knew how immensely it is going to help me regain my body shape, confidence, better health and most importantly complete change of attitude towards food in life.

The results are too good to believe. I have lost 12 kgs, tummy has disappeared, perfect shape and full of energy. Medically too all results are far better than before.

Subhojit Roy Marathon Runner

I had joined Naazendeh's food Therapy Program for 3 months. In that short time she helped me understand the basics of nutrition that could help Marathon runners. She personalises plans specifically targeted towards the requirements of her client and keeps regular track of progress making adjustments & corrections along the way to suit the desired goal and lifestyle. This makes her plans simple and practicable. An essential ingredient of a successful transformation.

Zia Chaney Marathon Runner

Naazendeh's food therapy program is very unique. I'm a runner and I wanted a diet that would augment my energy while running and enable quick recovery. Naazendeh basically understood my requirements completely. She made specific changes to my diet, suggested when I should eat and drink and essentially hand-held me during the program. She kept a close watch on my progress from daily reports to weekly updates. It was encouraging to know that she was as invested in meeting my personal health goals as I was. I have learnt a lot from her and continue to follow her nutrition plan daily.

Sangeeta Pangrekar Ex State Level Basketball player and Currently-Home maker
Philippines, Manila

My life is essentially a collection of trips, where I am constantly travelling; due to this instability, I have irregular meal timing and as a consequence unwanted weight gain. Being healthy and pursuing a healthy lifestyle was just a thought away. When I encountered Naazendeh Mecklai, it brought positive change to my life. She helped me realise that you do not have to starve yourself to be healthy and the most important thing is learning the art of balance. This balancing act involves making good choices and eating the right quantities. I can say Naazendeh has successfully helped me increase my metabolism, eat the right food and exercise in line with my ailments. I have made progress but still have a long way to go and I am sure that with Naazendeh's guidance, I will achieve my ultimate health goals.

Financial Advisor Bahrain

Naazendeh has been absolutely amazing. I've been overweight/obese as far as I can remember and have been to a variety of dieticians. And that's exactly what Naazendeh is not! She does not even try to put you on a diet. She is more a nutritionist who is genuinely concerned for my health first and believes weight loss will be a by-product of healthier life choices. I have a small child and don't get to sleep at night. My energy levels were awful when I started with her and even now I struggle with keeping her suggestions. She has not once lost patience she moulds her suggestions to my restrictions. Slowly I am feeling better and seeing myself make healthier choices. I finally feel confident that I will manage to lose even the crazy amount of weight that I need to. Because, as she keeps telling me, every meal, every good choice all adds up one step at a time.

Monica Nebhnani Proprietor Aanchocs - Mumbai, India

Without any doubt, I would rate Naazendeh with 5 stars. She is a thorough professional and possesses a comprehensive knowledge of human nutrition. She does not follow one standard diet for all her clients. Instead, she customizes the diet according to individual needs. In the beginning, I was a bit sceptical that she would starve me, but was pleasantly surprised that she put me on a diet, wherein I was eating more than before. However, the diet was not only about eating the right food but eating it at the right time and in the correct combinations. I not only lost weight but also felt healthier and more energetic while on her prescribed diet. Naazendeh has a very pleasant demeanour, is flexible but firm, and takes great pains to put her clients at ease. Kudos to Naazendeh!

Peter Fernandes S. R. Batliboi & Co. LLP - Mumbai, India

Obesity hit me 15 years back and that being, due to my unhealthy eating habits. Followed various diets but nothing help me stop my ever growing fat. Frustrated with my situation, I visited a doctor who catered me with some herbal medication as well as, diet routine. The tables turned, but not too long. Four months back one of my office colleague recommended me to visit Ms. Naazendeh Mecklai, a Clinical Dietician and Nutritional Counsellor. It has been a very fruitful experience for the past 4 months. I managed to lose almost 12 kg and the best about Naazendeh is that she has catered me with a diet routine that helps me keep my appetite strong and healthy. Also, she has no restriction on me eating Non-Veg, however, the quantity of Non-Veg consumption is less. I would also like to mention that the diet has not only helped me lose weight, but has also improved my memory loss deficiency, as well as my knee pain. I would like to sum up by just saying one thing, that is, I feel young and proactive again."

Rukhshana Sholapurwala Special Educator - Mumbai, India

I must congratulate you for this effort as I am sure there are many who would like to have a proper balanced diet and maintain themselves well and fit.

My experience with you was great. Though difficult to control on my sweet intake but still I did it. I always believe that once the person decides her/himself that they want to make a change in their life style no one can stop them for doing it. It took me time to come down to that level. I was very happy that you did not make me fast the way others do. You also did not change my cooking style but on the contrary you asked me to eat every two hours which was great. Your diet is simple and can be followed by anyone without any problems and that makes life easy.

Xerxes P. Master Master Group of Companies - Mumbai, India

“It has been a joy working with Naazendeh to improve my family’s health and well being. The process she adopted is not of dieting but a realistic life style change which has to be lifelong. It is an easy change over a period of time and her friendly disposition make it more comfortable. We wish her all the very best in her future endeavours .”

Poorva Wele Student - Mumbai, India

Not only did I lose my weight, got a beautiful body but I also developed a new self-esteem through the Food Therapy Program! Thanks a lot for your support!

Jyoti Aggarwal Home maker - Raipur, India

I have been to various dieticians and had not got desired results. One of my relative gave me Naazendeh's reference, I was apprehensive at first. However after joining her, she gave me substantial food and an easy exercise regime to follow. I managed to lose 16kgs in 6 months. My low blood pressure problem was under control and I could enjoy doing my yoga again without any difficulty.

Nirmal Choksi Business - Mumbai, India

I lost 15kgs in 6 months with Naazendeh. She helped me move from junk to nutritious food. Due to my work I didn't have regular meal timings. Over a period of time I learnt how to eat at regular intervals. My energy levels increased and I was feeling much better.

Farah Bhogilal @frostedandbaked - Mumbai, India

I was working out and was following a diet, still was not managing to lose my weight. After meeting Naazendeh and following her diet plan where I was eating more than before,  I managed to lose 11 kgs. The plan has taken care of my eating out and travelling as well.

Shaila Pandole Educator - Mumbai, India

Naazendeh not only taught me how to eat well, but also how to balance my meals without feeling too guilty. She helped me understand the importance of eating at the right times, and not to eat only when I'm hungry. Her outlook toward nutrition is more about a long term, lifestyle choice than just a quick weight loss diet that I wouldn't be able to sustain.

Shiraz Mehta Mumbai, India

With so many fad diets going around, I was lucky to have someone like Naazendeh to coach me and change my mind set. Naazendeh is very knowledgeable and extremely dedicated. She tries to work out a program that is simple and doable. I saw a huge change in my lifestyle once I started going to her. I would definitely recommend Naazendeh to my family and friends.

Parisa Faramarzi Mumbai, India

Naazendeh has helped me to change my life style with simple things like water therapy which has helped me to bring down my anxiety and at the same time improve my skin.

Mukesh Jaitley Wadhwa Group - Mumbai, India

My eating habits were erratic due to my work schedule. Naazendeh was recommended by a friend. She guided me with gradual changes in my diet along with exercise that was easy to follow. Therapeutic waters for my metabolism were introduced. My sleeping pattern improved through the food therapy program. I have lost 13kgs and feeling and looking much better!

Aarti Gupta Mumbai, India

For one who thought of diets as an impossible task, I was in for a refreshing journey of discovery. All my past experiences were soon just a blip of memory to the approach Naazendeh took with me. Be it to my likes or dislikes of certain food, the impossible sweets and chocolate cravings all of them were taken into account. Not once was I asked to starve in fact just the opposite.

Her personalised coaching not only helped me be aware of the choices I made but also encouraged me to take the step towards a healthier lifestyle. Today I am empowered in life no matter the state of mind to operate and select my food wisely gone are the days of binge eating just cause it was the only way I knew how to deal with it. The water therapy I love cause they are simple and effective enabling me to have a healthy feeling.

Seeing me make the shift from mindless eating to mindful eating my mom chose to experience what we call the Naazendeh effect, that decision was one my mom gained from and lost weight.

Over the 18 month I have lost weight and gained a healthy lifestyle. My mom and I are both thankful to Naazendeh.

Shekhar and Renu Somani Mumbai, India

First and foremost I must say that Naazendeh is very meticulous and thorough. After chalking out a diet plan which suits your body type and helps you work towards your goals she monitors you closely by asking you for regular updates.

Diets prescribed are completely natural, easy to cook as opposed to extraneous and artificial metabolism boosters. Her diets can easily be maintained over a large period of time and can eventually become a healthy and happy lifestyle.

Jyoti Vissanji Chocolatier - Mumbai, India

I wanted to maintain my ideal weight. Always having been fond of different cuisines and exotic foods for my myself and my family, Naazendeh helped me in choosing my portion size along with the food groups so as to be able to continue enjoying my journey with food. I have maintained weight and managed to continue enjoying my love for food.

Arundhati Hundekari Mumbai, India

I always thought that I could never lose weight, but thanks to your personalised program I could lose weight even at this age! I have gradually lost weight over the year and now I feel much more energetic, enthusiastic, confident and fit. I have become more flexible, swift and efficient. Best is I could wear the blouse for my granddaughter's convocation which was stitched at her mother's wedding 25 years back!! Your program was easy to follow and now I have got used to eating healthy! Thank you and bless you!

Dr. Chhaya Naik Nagpur, India

Before consulting Naazendeh, whenever I visited Mumbai, my youngest grand daughter Radha would say ," Oh Chhaya aaji, you have 4 babies in your tummy!!" Now she says, " Aaji , you have only one baby in your tummy, the others have gone, that's so sad"
But I am very happy 😃
Thank you Naazendeh for your proper guidance for my journey to fitness. My stamina has increased and I'm feeling much more energetic once again.

Ritu Divecha Mumbai, India

It was a wonderful experience with Naazendeh! She is the only nutritionist that I have been to, who does not stipulate a diet. Instead she works around your diet and instills lifestyle changes. This improves overall well-being & energy levels. Feel so much better- thank you Naazendeh!

Unnati Divecha Mumbai, India

Naazendeh has taught me about overall well-being and not just weight loss. Being a corporate lawyer with intense work schedules, she has shown me how to be flexible with my diet and yet achieve results. She is patient and practical with her advice and really shows you how to work best with the situation at hand, instead of making unsustainable lifestyle changes that don’t work in the long run!